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Petitions under Pennsylvania’s Post Conviction Relief Act (“PCRA”) or federal Habeas Corpus petitions (which are filed in federal court) are two ways to challenge a criminal conviction, and are often pursued after the first appeal in the Pennsylvania state courts is unsuccessful.  These two kinds of actions require an attorney familiar with the complicated areas of law that govern them.  We have a wealth of experience with these kinds of proceedings, and stand ready, willing, and able to fight for your rights.



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PCRA and Habeas Corpus Petitions


These kinds of actions involve very specific kinds of claims.  

For example, if you believe your trial counsel was ineffective or if you have discovered new evidence that could have resulted in an acquittal, you may have the right to file a PCRA or federal habeas corpus petition.

If you believe that your constitutional rights were violated, you may have grounds for a PCRA or habeas corpus petition.  If the Pennsylvania Supreme Court or United States Supreme Court recognizes a newly created right that you may have been denied, you should consider whether a PCRA petition or a federal habeas corpus petition is an option for you.

These are very complicated areas of law that Mr. Mosser has  experience and success practicing in. There are strict deadlines for filing these kinds of actions, so you must act fast.

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