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“Above the Par Ethics”

I cannot say enough words to express how impressed I am with Attorney Mosser’s representation. His compassion, steadfast advocacy, and above par ethics set him apart from his colleagues. In a world where most clients are treated only as a case file number, Attorney Mosser exceeds expectations and fights for doing the right thing as if it were his own personal legal matter.

“Mr. Mosser was extremely hardworking and impressive”

Mr. Mosser represented me in two different criminal cases. He beat both of them. He talked to me constantly about these cases, prepared legal research and wrote arguments that the judges found to be correct and they agreed with him! Mr. Mosser was extremely hard working and impressive in court. I recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.

“Excellent Lawyer”

Excellent Lawyer, extremely friendly, always keeps in touch and keeps you updated. Couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. He Knows what he’s talking about and sure as hell fights for your cause

Appeals Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Seeking an appeals lawyer in Philadelphia, PA or anywhere else in the Commonwealth? At Mosser Legal, we understand the complexities and challenges that can arise in the appellate process.

Our experienced appellate attorneys are dedicated to providing strategic guidance, thorough research, and persuasive advocacy to help clients navigate the appellate court system. Facing an unfavorable court decision can be a disheartening experience, especially when the stakes are high and your rights are on the line.

When you choose Mosser Legal, you gain the expertise of skilled appeals lawyers who focus on litigating appeals in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. Don’t let an unfavorable court decision be the end of the road. Our team is ready to provide the personalized attention and strategic representation you need to pursue justice through the appellate process.

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A Seasoned Pennsylvania Appellate Lawyer on Your Side

Mistakes are made in the trial courts. At Mosser Legal, we work to identify these mistakes in order to preserve the integrity of the judicial system and to ensure that you have received the due process that you deserve. If you need to appeal your criminal or civil case, we will fight for you.

With over twenty  years as an appellate lawyer in Pennsylvania, attorney Todd Mosser knows the common errors that either result in criminal convictions or adverse consequences in civil proceedings.


If you or a loved one have been convicted of a criminal offense in Philadelphia or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, but believe that errors or injustices occurred during the trial, pursuing a criminal appeal may be a viable option. Our Philadelphia criminal appeals attorneys routinely handle criminal appeals and are dedicated to advocating for your rights and pursuing a just outcome.

Mosser Legal’s experienced appellate lawyers can assist you with your criminal appeal by:

  • Reviewing pre-trial, trial, and post-trial proceedings
  • Ascertaining constitutional violations
  • Identifying evidentiary and procedural errors
  • Evaluating whether a sentence can be appealed
  • Litigating the discovery of new evidence 

We’ll fight for your rights and explore every available legal avenue while pursuing a successful criminal appeal. We understand the profound impact that a criminal conviction can have on your life, and we are dedicated to seeking justice on your behalf.

PCRA Petitions

If you have been convicted of a crime in Philadelphia or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, and believe that your constitutional rights were violated during the trial or that new evidence has emerged that could potentially impact your case, filing a Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petition is a critical step in seeking justice.

Our experienced appellate lawyers can assist you with PCRA litigation by: 

  • Reassessing the case and defense strategy
  • Investigating and/or reinvestigating witnesses and other evidence
  • Presenting newly discovered evidence
  • Identifying Constitutional violations, including ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Providing expert witness support and testimony if warranted
  • Producing and presenting mitigation evidence
  • Plea negotiations after a successful outcome, or transitioning to trial preparation
  • Continuing with appellate representation if your PCRA petition is denied

If you are considering filing a PCRA petition in Philadelphia or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team. The PCRA process is rule-based, complicated, and fraught with procedural mis-steps for those who do not have experience in this kind of litigation.  

Civil Appeals

When a civil court decision fails to align with your expectations or you believe that legal errors occurred during the trial, pursuing a civil appeal can be crucial in seeking a fair and just outcome.

Our team of experienced appellate lawyers in Philadelphia, is dedicated to providing strategic representation to clients who need to engage in the civil appellate process.

Our appellate attorneys can assist you with your civil appeal by:

  • Reviewing pre- trial and trial proceedings
  • Identifying judicial errors
  • Identifying possible evidentiary issues
  • Identifying procedural errors
  • Negotiating a more favorable resolution after identifying issues to be argued on appeal

If you are considering filing a civil appeal in Philadelphia or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team. The civil appeals process in Pennsylvania is an intricate area of litigation that requires an attorney that has experience navigating that process. Mosser Legal has developed a track record of success in this area of practice, and stands ready, willing, and able to fight for your cause.

How The Appeals Process Works in Pennsylvania

Navigating the appeals process in Pennsylvania requires a comprehensive understanding of the Commonwealth’s legal system and the specific procedures involved. At Mosser Legal, we have extensive experience with appellate cases in Pennsylvania, and we are committed to guiding our clients through the appeals process with clarity and expertise.

Here is an overview of how the appeals process works in Pennsylvania:

Filing the Notice of Appeal
The appeals process begins by filing a Notice of Appeal with the trial court. The Notice of Appeal informs the court and the opposing party that you intend to in an appeal. 

It is crucial to adhere to the strict filing deadlines set by Pennsylvania's appellate rules to ensure that your appeal is properly initiated.
Identification of Appellate Issues
After the appeal is initiated, we file a pleading called a Rule 1925 Statement that identifies and preserves all potential issues to argue in the appellate court.
Record Preparation
Once the Notice of Appeal is filed, the trial court will prepare the Certified Record, which includes all relevant documents, transcripts, and exhibits from the trial, as well as our Rule 1925 Statement. The Record serves as the foundation for your appeal and will be reviewed by the appellate court.
Appellate Briefs
Appellate briefs are written arguments presented to the appellate court, detailing the legal issues, facts, and arguments supporting your appeal. The appellant files an opening brief, presenting their case. The appellee, the opposing party, then files a responsive brief, addressing the appellant's arguments.

  Finally, the appellant may file a reply brief to respond to the appellee's arguments. Our skilled appellate lawyers excel in crafting concise and persuasive briefs that articulate why the appellate court should rule in your favor.
Oral Arguments
In some cases, the appellate court may schedule an oral argument to allow the parties to present their case in person after briefs have been submitted. During oral arguments, each party has an opportunity to address the appellate court's questions and further advocate for their position. 

Mr. Mosser has engaged in oral argument in all of Pennsylvania’s appellate courts, as well as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals (federal) for well over twenty years and understands the strategic importance of oral argument and the most effective way to present oral arguments to the appellate courts.
Appellate Court Decision
After reviewing the briefs and hearing oral arguments, the appellate court will render its decision. The court may affirm the lower court's decision, reverse it, remand the case for further proceedings, or take other appropriate actions based on the specific circumstances of the case. Our appellate lawyers are prepared to proceed at the next level as directed by the appellate court.

Commonwealth v. I.S.

Murder Exoneration

This was a case that involved a robbery conviction related to one victim and a separate second-degree murder conviction that related to a different victim, both resulting in a sentence of thirty years to life imprisonment.



In this highly publicized case, our client was alleged to have fired multiple rounds from a semi-automatic rifle at several police officers during a lengthy armed standoff. 



In this federal civil lawsuit, Mr. Mosser represented a number of plaintiffs who sued a large broker-dealer for fraud, conversion, and breach of fiduciary duty related to the mishandling of the clients’ funds.


If you’re looking for a Philadelphia criminal appeals attorney who can help you navigate a wrongful conviction or an appellate attorney who can guide you through a civil appeal, we can help.

Contact Mosser Legal today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward seeking justice and protecting your constitutional rights.

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