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Civil appeals often involve high stakes and are quite complex. Because of the unique nature of these kinds of appeals, having an experienced appellate attorney who is knowledgeable and skilled in appellate practice is essential to protecting your rights. Mr. Mosser has a broad base of civil litigation experience, and as such he and and his team have a unique platform from which to assess civil appellate options and develop strategies for favorable outcomes.  Mr. Mosser has handled and had success in a wide variety of civil appellate matters.

We have handled civil appeals cases in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania for cases such as:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Personal injury and toxic torts
  • Mortgage foreclosures
  • Civil rights
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Child custody matters
  • Fraud
  • Insurance coverage
  • Judgment execution. 

The Civil Appeals Process in Pennsylvania

The key to handling civil appeals is a comprehensive review of the trial court’s record and immediate and timely formulation of issue preservation.  Mr. Mosser’s team is efficient and effective at these crucial first steps, and is particularly skilled at the  legal research and persuasive writing that is required throughout the appellate process. Contact our skilled appeals lawyers to represent you today.


If you’re looking for a Philadelphia criminal appeals attorney who can help you navigate a wrongful conviction or an appellate attorney who can guide you through a civil appeal, we can help.

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