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      Being convicted of a crime is a devastating development. It’s natural that you could even be thinking about giving up, but you may have a chance to appeal your conviction if you start now.


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      If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and believe you have grounds to appeal a court’s ruling, it is important to understand the criminal appeals process before taking any steps. First and foremost, you must have solid ground for an appeal. Some grounds for an appeal to the appellate court include:

      1. There was misconduct by law enforcement, such as:
      2. The conviction is not supported by the evidence
      3. A lower court made a serious error of law, such as:
        • Errors made by trial judge while instructing the jury
        • Mistakes or incorrect rulings by the trial judge
        • Sentencing errors including sentences in excess of legal maximums

      If you believe any of these qualifying factors were present during your trial, you will need to contact an appellate lawyer to help you with the process of filing your criminal appeal. Contrary to popular belief, criminal cases do not always conclude with a conviction.

      Often, a case will continue after sentencing into the post-conviction stage. It is during this time that the defendant is able to ask the judge to either review the conviction or the sentence. At this time, the case may also move to a higher court for the criminal appellate process.

      It is important to get a criminal appellate lawyer to help you with this process, because it gets very complicated, and you want to make sure everything is filed properly to give you the best chance for an appeal. An appeal cannot be filed until a sentence is imposed upon a defendant.

      After a sentence is imposed, the defendant and their attorney have several options to challenge either the conviction or the sentence.  The defendant and their attorney can file a notice of appeal with an appellate court, or file a motion asking the trial court to set aside the conviction, to reduce or modify the sentence, or to request a new trial.

      We have handled criminal appeals cases in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania for crimes such as:

      • DUI
      • Murder
      • Firearm Possession
      • Drug Possession
      • Aggravated Assault
      • and others

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      Much of what the general public knows about courts and criminal law in PA comes from what they see and hear in the news media, in police and courtroom dramas on television, and from their friends or co-workers who have faced criminal charges in state or federal court. Rarely do people have an understanding of the process that occurs after a jury reaches a verdict.


      Attorneys whose area of concentration is criminal appeals know that the grounds upon which a conviction may be overturned or a sentence changed vary from case to case.

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      Fees And Costs Associated With Appeals In Pennsylvania

      Court filing fees standardized for different post-verdict procedures including appeals. They are established by state and federal laws. Attorney fees vary depending upon the complexity of the case and the hourly rates charged.

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