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Criminal charges in Scranton, PA, can follow you for the rest of your life and prevent you from doing various things. From buying or renting a home to applying to a new job, a criminal conviction can ruin many aspects of your life. However, what if there was a way to appeal your criminal conviction? What if you could get rid of the criminal charge that has been following you for years? Mosser Legal is the answer you have been searching for.

If you are located in Scranton, PA, or one of the surrounding areas and have been convicted of a criminal charge, it will be worth your while to seek legal assistance immediately. At Mosser Legal, our team of highly educated professionals will fight to help you get your freedom and reputation back.

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Criminal Charges You Can Appeal in Scranton, PA

You may want to seek legal advice and assistance to appeal your criminal charge in Scranton, PA. Our knowledgeable attorneys will be able to provide expert legal help to those that are facing criminal charges having to do with:


DUIs come with severe consequences that include:

  • Hefty fines
  • Jail time
  • Suspension of license

Contact a criminal appeals attorney in Scranton, PA, to find out this criminal charge can be appealed.


Theft is another serious crime that comes with severe consequences. Theft is also a complex crime as there are varying kinds of theft, such as:

  • Shoplifting
  • Fraud
  • Burglary 
  • Grand Larceny

If you have been involved in a theft crime, contact Mosser Legal today, your trusted Scranton PA criminal appeals attorneys.

Other Criminal Charges

At Mosser Legal, we have also helped Scranton, PA residents appeal criminal cases that involved:

  • Murder
  • Carrying of a weapon without a license
  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Drug possession
  • Threats

If you have been convicted of any of these crimes, call our Scranton, PA team today.

How Long Does a Criminal Appeal Take in Scranton?

Typically, a criminal appeals case takes about 12-16 months, though it’s important to point out that the duration of a case depends on your case’s complexity.

Months 4-6

The first 4-6 months will consist of you and your attorney preparing necessary records for your case.

The Following 3-5 Months

The briefing will happen during this time as long as all records are obtained on time.

The Next 6-12 Months

During this time, the court will decide whether or not to appeal your case. This can take anywhere from 6 months to a year, as there will be a significant amount of records and evidence to go through.

What Are My Rights During a Criminal Appeal Case in Scranton?

During your criminal appeal case in Scranton, you will the opportunity to exercise your rights under the following amendments:

  • 4th; protection against unreasonable searches 
  • 5th; protection against self-incrimination and double jeopardy
  • 6th; the right to a fair and speedy trial
  • 8th; protection against excessive bail fines, and cruel and unusual punishment

To further understand your rights, talk to your Scranton, PA criminal appeals attorney.

Can I Appeal My Criminal Case More Than Once in Scranton?

In Scranton, PA, you can appeal your criminal case more than once. If your initial appeal has been denied, you can get your case reviewed by a larger panel of the Court’s judges. If that appeal is denied you can petition the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for review.

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