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      If you’ve been unfairly convicted of a crime, or the sentence imposed upon you is too harsh, give us a call. We have helped hundreds of clients throughout Pennsylvania appeal their criminal convictions and sentences. 

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      How Does the Criminal Appeals Process Work in Lancaster?

      The court administration imposes strict deadlines in order to keep criminal appeals moving in Lancaster, PA. First we file your Notice of Appeal, then the trial court will likely order us to file a document called the Statement of Errors Complained of on Appeal under the Pennsylvania Rule of Appellate Procedure 1925. The trial judge will then issue a Rule 1925 Opinion. 

      The Superior Court then orders us to file a legal brief setting forth the legal reasons why we think the conviction or the sentence imposed was in error. This usually happens within 40 days, and we must include a record of the trial. 

      After we file our brief, the prosecution has 30 days to file its brief which will set forth the reasons why the lower court was correct. We will then have the right to file a reply brief to the prosecution’s brief, if necessary.

      Your case will then be submitted to a three-judge panel of the Superior Court, and at this point, a decision can be a few days or many months away. If oral argument is scheduled, the decision should be handed down shortly thereafter.

      What Criminal Charges Can You Appeal in Lancaster?

      Mosser Legal has helped hundreds of Lancaster clients appeal their criminal convictions. Our team of attorneys has over twenty years’ experience appealing the following types of criminal convictions, among others:

      Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

      If you have been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs of alcohol, you already know that you are subject to expensive fines, license suspension, and perhaps even jail time.

      We can help. If you have been convicted of DUI in Lancaster, PA, contact Mosser legal today so we can review your case and determine whether an appeal has merit.


      Unfortunately, a theft conviction is the type of serious crime that follows you throughout life, even if you committed the theft as a young impressionable adult and have since changed your ways.

      Our Lancaster, PA criminal appeals lawyers have won theft appeals of convictions for:

      • Shoplifting
      • Fraud
      • Burglary
      • Grand Larceny
      Additional Types of Criminal Convictions Our Lancaster Appeals Lawyers Have Handled

      DUI and theft are the most common criminal appeals that our Lancaster, PA attorneys handle, probably because as a social matter they occur most frequently. However, we have experience appealing all types of criminal convictions, including:

      • Manslaughter
      • Murder
      • Drug possession
      • Aggravated assault
      • Illegal possession of a firearm
      • Carrying a weapon without a license

      Have you been wrongfully convicted in Lancaster, PA? Contact Mosser Legal as soon as possible so we can help you exercise your right to appellate review. Sometimes the court gets it wrong!

      How Long Does the Criminal Appeals Process Take in Lancaster?

      While every criminal appeal in Lancaster is different, we can give you a rough estimate of how long a criminal appeal takes. Overall, you can expect your Lancaaster criminal appeal to take between 12 and 16 months to reach a decision.

      What Happens During the First 4-6 Months of Your Criminal Appeal

      Necessary records will be prepared by yourself and your attorney. This will include documents regarding conviction, sentencing, any time served, a transcript of the trial, any and all evidence including police reports and witness testimony.

      What Happens During the Following 3-5 Months of Your Criminal Appeal

      The briefing schedule will dictate that our appeals attorneys will prepare and file a brief outlining the legal reasons your conviction should be overturned, you should have a new trial, or your sentence is too harsh. 

      What Happens During Months 6-12 of Your Criminal Appeal

      The Commonwealth appeals attorney will write a reply brief to our brief, and we will have the opportunity to reply to that brief if necessary. 

      The Court may schedule oral argument, or not. Some matters are decided “on the papers,” meaning, decided based on the persuasiveness of the arguments in the briefs. This is why you need an experienced Lancaster criminal appeals attorney on your side.

      Your Rights in a Criminal Appeal Case in Lancaster, PA

      There are many grounds for appeal in Lancaster. We will scour the record to determine whether there were procedural or legal errors, or an infringement on your Constitutional rights. Common reasons to appeal a conviction include:

      • Ineffective assistance of counsel
      • Improperly admitted evidence
      • Prosecutorial misconduct
      • Juror misconduct
      • Incorrect jury instructions
      • Lack of sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict

      Contact Our Lancaster Criminal Appeals Lawyers

      If you feel you’ve been unfairly convicted or sentenced in Lancaster, PA, call us to discuss your criminal appeal. Put our proven experience in handling criminal appeals to work for you.

      What is the Appeal Process?

      Many Allentown residents don’t know the specifics of the appeal process, even if they are in the midst of filing a criminal appeal themselves. An appeal process is the process in which a case is reviewed by the Court and parties request a formal change to the official decision. The appeal will then be either accepted or denied by the Court. 

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      What Are Grounds for Appeal?

      Allentown attorneys are knowledgable about the grounds upon which a conviction may be overturned. Your criminal appeals attorney will know specifics about grounds for appeal and will be able to help your case.

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      What Are the Fees And Costs Associated With Appeals In Allentown?

      Allentown Court fees are different depending on the case and are determined by state and federal laws. Likewise, attorney fees vary depending on the case; most attorneys have hourly rates.

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