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      Lancaster Family Law Appeals Lawyer

      Getting divorced doesn’t end some marital conflict, especially if there are children involved. Support and custody are often disputed and subject to litigation years after the divorce was finalized. When a judge decides the matter, someone is going to be unhappy with the result. You may be able to appeal the family court’s decision. Contact us today to discuss your case. With over twenty years of experience helping clients with family law appeals in Lancaster, PA, we will be able to determine if there is a chance you may be able to overturn the judge’s decision on appeal.

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      Why Do I Need a Family Law Appeals Attorney in Lancaster?

      Once a family law judge has handed down a decision, the clock starts ticking. You have only thirty (30) days to file your Notice of Appeal and it must be served upon the other party in compliance with court rules. There are additional filing requirements in Lancaster County depending upon the subject matter of your appeal, and procedural deadlines for filing supporting  documents such as a brief.  Keep in mind that filing an appeal is different from filing a petition to change the amount of support paid or to change the child custody arrangement. An appeal is much more procedurally complex and relies not on the submission of more information, but on persuading the appellate judges that the family law judge got either the facts or the law wrong or that some other error was made. This takes a skilled family law appeals attorney with years of experience to achieve. Know that if you appeal without sufficient grounds, you can be held responsible for paying your opponent’s attorney and filing fees. Let us help you so that you avoid making that mistake.

      Sometimes Filing a Request for Reconsideration is Enough

      An alternative to filing an appeal in Lancaster is to file a request for reconsideration with the family law judge. When you meet with us, we can tell you if a request for reconsideration is appropriate given the facts of your matter. Filing a request for reconsideration does not stop the 30 day period you have to file your appeal.

      Family Court Decisions You Can Appeal in Lancaster, PA

      Mosser Legal has helped hundreds of clients in Lancaster County with their family law appeals. Any decision resolving issues arising in a divorce or a dispute about custody or support can be appealed when there are grounds to do so. We typically appeal these types of family court decisions, among others:

      Orders Regarding Child Support

      Whether your children are not receiving enough child support, you are paying too much in child support, or you believe a child should or should not be emancipated, we can help you. You do not have to settle for the family court judge’s initial decision. Contact us to discuss your available options.

      Orders Regarding Spousal Support

      Again, whether you are receiving too little spousal support, or you are paying too much in spousal support, or if you are responding to an appeal regarding spousal support, we can help you.

      Orders Regarding Child Custody

      Child custody orders are often appealed because there are few things more important to a parent than the safety and well-being of their children and their relationship with their children.

      If the child custody order does not give you enough time with your children, or you are responding to an appeal of a child custody order, we can help you. We know what legal standards the appellate judges are looking for and how the facts of your case fit those standards.

      Determinations Regarding Marital and Individual Property

      In the course of a divorce proceeding, a family law judge must often determine whether items are individually-owned or marital assets. These determinations have significant impact upon equitable distribution – in other words, how much each party gets. If you think the judge’s determinations regarding your property were wrong, call us – even if your divorce is not final. We can help you.

      The Grant or Denial of Requests for Orders under the Protection from Abuse Act

      If you are responding to an appeal of a grant or denial of such a request, call us. If the judge granted an Order under the Protection from Abuse Act, we can help you appeal. If the judge failed to grant your request for such an Order, we can help you as well.

      How Long Does it Take to Appeal a Family Court Decision in Lancaster?

      Child custody appeals are “fast-tracked,” however, it may take anywhere from six to eight months for the appeal to be heard. Other family law appeals in Lancaster may take from nine to twelve months to resolve.

      Contact an Experienced Family Law Appeal Attorney in Lancaster, PA

      We have the experience you need to determine whether an appeal is appropriate and to handle all of the legal and procedural requirements of that appeal. Moreover, we have over twenty years of experience persuading judges of the correctness of our clients’ positions. 

      Put our experience to work for you. Call us today to discuss your case.

      The Family Law Appeals Process

      Every case is different, but all family law appeals in Pennsylvania begin with filing a Notice of Appeal within 30 days of the judge’s decision.

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      Types of Family Law Decisions that can be Appealed

      Any decision of a family law judge can be appealed. Determinations regarding custody, child support, spousal support, and property settlement are most commonly appealed in Pennsylvania.

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      Family Law Appeal Costs and Fees

      Court fees can be found on your county court’s website, and they increase regularly. Yoru attorney fee will depend upon the complexity of your matter and can be discussed when you come in for your consultation.

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