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During a divorce proceeding and in the years after, disputes arise between the parties that cannot be resolved amongst themselves. In these cases, the family law judge must decide. When this happens, either or both parties may be disappointed. 

Mosser Legal has been representing clients in Harrisburg for over twenty years in their family law appeals. If you believe the family court judge got it wrong, give us a call. We will determine whether you have grounds for appeal and how to proceed from there.

Why You Need an Experienced Family Law Appeals Lawyer in Harrisburg

Many people represent themselves successfully before a family law judge using the information, instructions, and forms found on the county court’s website. But what can they do if they don’t get the result they wanted?  Even those who hire a family law attorney in Harrisburg may not get the result they hoped for. What is their next step? Do not attempt to file an appeal yourself. If on appeal the judges find that you had no cognizable grounds for appeal, you can be sanctioned and be ordered to pay your opponent’s legal and filing fees. Consider hiring an attorney that practices appellate law exclusively. With over twenty years of experience persuading judges to see things our clients’ way after the judge below did not, the family law appeals attorneys at Mosser Legal can help you from there.

Request for Reconsideration vs. Appeal in Harrisburg, PA

You have two options to get the unfavorable family law decision, judgment, or order overturned. One is to request that the family court judge reconsider her decision. We will help you find out if a procedural, legal, or factual error was made that resulted in the unfavorable decision, and help persuade the judge to change that decision. The second option, when reconsideration is not available or is unsuccessful, is to appeal the family court’s decision. Appeals are procedurally complex and involve not witnesses or evidence, but the record of the proceedings below, the reasons for the family law judge’s decision, and the legal knowledge and skills of persuasion of your attorney, who will file a legal brief for you and argue your case before the court. Your choice of attorney for your family law appeal is crucial to your success. Put our proven experience to work for you.

Duration of a Family Law Appeal in Harrisburg

You have thirty days from the date of the family law decision to file your family law appeal, regardless of whether you file a request for reconsideration or not.

Once your Notice of Appeal and any county-specific supporting documents have been filed and served upon your opponent, a briefing schedule will be issued and each party will have the opportunity to persuade the appellate judges in writing that an error was made below. Oral argument will also be scheduled, during which the judges will ask the attorneys any questions they have about the procedure, facts, and law pertaining to your case. 

Once a decision has been reached by the majority, one judge will write the majority opinion. A concurring opinion may also be written, and if the decision was not unanimous, a dissenting opinion will be written.

How long this takes depends on the court docket and the type of family law appeal you file in Harrisburg. Child custody appeals are fast-tracked and may be resolved in six to eight months. Other types of family law appeals may take nine months to a year or longer to be resolved.

How Many Times Can I Appeal My Family Law Case in Harrisburg?

Three. If your initial appeal to a three-judge panel is unsuccessful, you can request a hearing en banc, which means the full bench hears your case.

If the court agrees to hear your appeal en banc but that appeal is unsuccessful you can request a hearing before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Very few cases are heard by the Commonwealth’s highest court, and generally only those cases that have an appeal as of right, Constitutional implications, or unique, unaddressed legal issues arising under state or federal law will be heard.

If you begin your appeals process with a request for reconsideration, then you have four opportunities to overturn the unfavorable ruling.

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