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Pennsylvania Immigration Appeals

The immigration system in the United States is complicated at the best of times. Whether you need to challenge a rejected residency petition or fight a deportation proceeding, you will need a legal team by your side that can navigate the labyrinth of immigration law.

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Humanitarian Relief and Deportation Defense

The United States has been a site of political asylum since the first English colonists fleeing religious persecution laid claim to the Massachusetts Bay. Since then generations of people from around the world have found shelter and prosperity within our borders.

If you are facing deportation and have reason to fear a return to your home country, you may qualify for legal asylum or deferral of removal under the Convention Against Torture. It is vital to make asylum requests within a year of entering the United States, regardless of immigration status.

Family-Based Petition Appeals

If your spouse, parent, child, or sibling is a legal resident, and you are facing deportation or change of status proceedings, our firm can help file an appeal to stall the removal process. Immigration law is complicated and often seems biased against those seeking residency, but you retain legal rights of appeal no matter what decisions an immigration court makes. We can help appeal removal decisions or file change of status petitions to keep families together.

There is a Short Window for Immigration Appeals

If you have received an unfavorable immigration decision, you need to retain an attorney who can act quickly and effectively to appeal the ruling. After a denial of residency or a removal proceeding, there EOCIR and USCIS courts only accept appeals within 30 days of their final decision. When residency status is revoked, the USCIS only allows 14 days to file an appeal. Whichever class of decision you need to appeal, it is vitally important that you act quickly in choosing the right immigration lawyer.

An Immigration Appeal Can Stall Deportation Proceedings. Call now.

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