How Much Does An Appeal Cost In Pennsylvania?

Court filing fees standardized for different post-verdict procedures including appeals. They are established by state and federal laws. Attorney fees vary depending upon the complexity of the case and the hourly rates charged. Generally, more experienced attorneys charge higher hourly rates.

Unlike a trial where a good percentage of an attorney’s time is spent in court, most of the work an attorney performs representing a client in an appeal is spent outside of court. Some of the things an appellate attorney does include:

  •    Case review with client;
  •    Reviewing transcripts and other portions of the record from the trial;
  •    Identifying issues of law that can be appealed;
  •    Researching the law supporting legal arguments on appeal;
  •    Preparing and filing written briefs;
  •    Preparing for and presenting oral argument to the appellate court.

If you are concerned about the cost of an appeal, a Pennsylvania appellate attorney can offer you an estimate of what the fees and costs might be based upon the facts of your particular case. Some attorneys offer convenient payment plans.